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Share mobility and other resources.


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Book resources and mobility offers that your employer, neighborhood or community shares with you.

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Your employer or your community share different resources like co-working spaces, e-cars, tools or cargo bikes with you. Book these resources easily via an app. Check out your community's info portal to find out which ones are available.

FluidLife - Inform. Share. Mobility.

For a sustainable community.


Use offers that are shared with you.

"Use rather than own" is the credo of our time. This can range from the community room to tools to everyday objects such as the pump or the bicycle carrier for the next trip. In the app, you can find out which resources are being shared with you. You can book them directly if no one else in your community is using them.


Know what's important in your community at all times.

 In the Infoportal you will find news, important dates and announcements in one place. Everything that is important, you will find out here first. The latest information is displayed at the top of your newsfeed. 

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Be flexible, the way you want to be.

Take the bus today, the e-car from your employer tomorrow, and a cab on the way home: you decide how you get from A to B. With your own route planner, the "near by" function, payment via mobility budget or a digital logbook, you have numerous functions that make your daily journeys easier.

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More sustainability now
- at work and at home

You would like to use FluidLife?

You have questions on how to use FluidLife?
Then you are welcome to contact us:

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Bring FluidLife to your community

Your business, neighborhood or community doesn't use FluidLife yet? Tell them about FluidLife!

The following arguments speak for FluidLife:


FluidLife is an all-in-one solution for any community. Sales, budget size or number of people don't matter.


FluidLife helps your employer or place of residence to easily integrate sustainability and CO2 reduction into your community.


FluidLife offers a sustainable and flexible alternative to company cars, private cars and other means of transport. With FluidLife, everyone can move from A to B the way they want to.

Are you an HR manager, personnel manager or mobility manager in a company? Or are you the head of a municipality? Perfect, then learn more about how you can set up FluidLife for your community. 

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Simply try FluidLife

Download FluidLife from your App Store. With your registration you can already use the basic functions like the route planner, the logbook and the departure monitor. For all other functions, your employer, your municipality or your neighborhood must first activate you. You can find out how this works in the app.


If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us at:

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